We Are Excited To Announce Our New Paralegal & Client Intake Manager, Aubrey Rettig.

January 18th —

Feis Goldy is excited to welcome Aubrey Rettig as our new Paralegal and Client Intake Manager. Aubrey is a highly experienced paralegal who has worked on sensitive matters for some of the largest firms in the Midwest, including Jenner & Block and Baker & Daniels. She has assisted attorneys on litigation matters for clients such as American Airlines, General Motors and Groupon, and was the head paralegal of the family law department during her nearly 10-year tenure at Jenner & Block. One of her crowning achievements at Jenner & Block was as a member of the team assisting partner and former U.S. Attorney, Anton Valukas, in preparing what was later referred to as The Valukas Report, a 2200-page document detailing the inner workings of Lehman Brothers and its ultimate demise during the financial crisis of 2007-2010.

In her free time, Aubrey enjoys time with her husband, two teenage daughters, and Chesapeake Bay retrievers.

Welcome to the team, Aubrey!