Client Testimonials

"The Feis Goldy team’s expert negotiation skills garnered me an extremely generous severance package. I and my family are indebted to them. Hopefully, I never need an employment attorney again. But, if I do, I will be running to Feis Goldy." ~ Physician, Department Head "Feis Goldy came highly recommended to me and they completely lived up to their reputation. I could not have asked for a better law firm. My attorney was extremely knowledgeable and talented, as well as one of the most compassionate people I have ever met." ~ National Sales Manager “When I was unexpectedly terminated due to disability and age discrimination and retaliation, attorneys at a well-known national firm recommended Feis Goldy, for which I am forever grateful. My attorney’s legal skill, persistence, professionalism and strategic advice as we contested my case resulted in a favorable settlement.” ~ Library Supervisor, Public Library “Counselor in the true sense of the word. My attorney validated my experience, stayed focused on optimizing outcomes, created clarity in the face of confusion, and was accessible, reliable, transparent and trustworthy throughout our engagement.” ~ Professor, Large Research University

“They are extraordinary attorneys. As a chief human resources officer, I sourced Feis Goldy through a trusted legal adviser who described them as balanced yet fierce defenders of clients who need help during challenging professional times in their careers. My attorney carefully assessed the facts and took the time to determine the legal merits of my needs, developed options, and choices to ensure the best likely outcome. She put our plan in motion and navigated the complexities balancing the legal requirements of her client, challenges of C-level executive dynamics, including sensitivities to professional reputation knowing my long-term plans. In the end, she succeeded in ensuring a successful outcome. I am grateful for her counsel, compassion, wisdom, and confidence to deliver the result.”

“My experience was fantastic from beginning to end— my attorney had a firm grasp on not only the applicable laws, but the ins and outs of the negotiation process. Her experience on both sides of the table was invaluable and I honestly believe I got the best possible outcome by partnering with Feis Goldy, LLC. If you need an employment lawyer, I can’t imagine there’s anyone better in Chicago that you could choose.”

“Important career decisions and transitions are not easy. My attorney was absolutely awesome. She helped with scenario planning and laid out a couple of viable options based on her immense experience. She helped negotiate indirectly and directly at my request. I followed her recommendations and was extremely satisfied with the resulting decision and the agreement. I can’t imagine getting things to closure and to my great satisfaction without her.”

“My attorney always kept the big picture in mind while negotiating a separation agreement. Her negotiation skills are nuanced and adaptive to the specific circumstances and personalities involved. She provided sound counsel and a kind ear when I needed it most. I highly recommend Feis Goldy to anyone in need of strategic and quality legal counsel.”

“I have worked with Feis Goldy on several occasions involving different employment matters. My attorney’s wise, levelheaded guidance has been a huge benefit to me financially and in providing peace of mind.” ~ C-Suite Executive, Tech Company "Feis Goldy had compassion for my situation and were far more than just clinical lawyers. They listened and understood my positions and perspectives and executed our jointly developed game plan flawlessly." ~ Partner, International Consulting Firm "My attorney was extremely talented and knowledgeable. She was tough, but more importantly, she had extremely good foresight and understood the entire system and process.” ~ Physician “I was very thankful to have Feis Goldy’s professional guidance for two separate and distinctly different inflection points in my career. Their professional help allowed me to feel confident and empowered during these difficult times.” ~ Director, Biopharmaceutical Industry “It was valuable for me to have Feis Goldy as a sounding board to vet various exit scenarios to propose to my boss when it was readily apparent (to me) we weren’t on the same page going forward. Having the RIGHT conversation, using the RIGHT language, and understanding the legal and tax implications of various options, which included both U.S. and non-U.S. issued compensation, was key. I negotiated a successful exit for myself and the company with all discretionary decisions favorable to me. Feis Goldy negotiated the agreement language artfully to ensure I received the full benefit of my international bargain.” ~ North American Divisional Executive of Non-U.S. Firm

“I was in a ‘David and Goliath’ situation going up against one of the largest media companies, but I knew my situation was wrong and possibly illegal on many fronts. Feis Goldy had come highly recommended and after our initial consult I knew they would approach this strategically, realistically yet aggressively straight out of the gate. My attorney did an outstanding job sifting through a complicated compensation plan and unjust situational facts, and bringing those facts, along with the Illinois law, to the forefront. She was able to negotiate an outstanding settlement against a massive corporation, avoiding litigation and a long, drawn-out process. She handled my case with integrity, intellect, and an aggressive, strategic & confident approach that I highly respect. She made a horrific situation and time in my life well worth the fight. I can’t thank her enough.”

“As I was going through my nerve-wracking deposition, that I was prepared so well for, the one thought that came back to me continuously was how thankful I was to have my attorney sitting right by my side. There was no comparison between her and the defendants’ attorney. She was sharp and not intimidated by other counsel. Her letters to the defendants were powerful and well written. I highly recommend Feis Goldy if you are in need of a labor attorney. I would hire them again if I ever needed to.”

“Feis Goldy provided smart, insightful and actionable counsel against the circumstances of a complex executive separation situation. My attorney and her team had a very clear process, were highly responsive and drove the engagement with the other party. Most importantly, she navigated the matter to a successful outcome that achieved the most important goals we had targeted.”

“I engaged Feis Goldy to assist me in negotiating my departure under a longstanding employment and deferred compensation agreement. My attorney helped me navigate the situation’s complex dynamics and tax issues, with significant benefits for me, when my departure ended up coinciding with the sale of the company. I would recommend Feis Goldy to anyone in a management position needing legal assistance with any employment matter.”

"During an emotionally charged and challenging time, it is comforting to put your trust in someone like my attorney and know that the best outcome will be achieved. She combines her knowledge and skill to professionally address the situation and right the wrong in a very strong and forceful way!! At the same time, she has great personal warmth and compassion - this drives her to achieve the best outcome for her clients - she is tireless in working for you, keeps you informed along the way, and truly cares about you. Unlike some attorneys, it is about you and not about her!" ~ Professional recruiter "My experience with Feis Goldy was incredible. During a difficult period in my life, Feis Goldy provided me superior legal advice and dissected my case remarkably. My attorney was always very quick to respond to any questions I had, and communication from her, as well as her staff, was superb. She displayed a high level of professionalism, and I was thrilled with the results of my case. Thank you for everything!" ~ Director of Sales “During a difficult and urgent situation, Feis Goldy provided professional advice and counseling to help me resolve a critical issue. My attorney thoroughly analyzed the situation, explained various options and provided her recommendations, which for me resulted in a great win-win outcome. She was knowledgeable, comprehensive, respectful, highly efficient and straightforward. Great firm, great attorney! ~ Division Vice President, Head of Digital Products, eCommerce Retail and Healthcare

"Feis Goldy were strong advocates on my behalf and achieved a settlement which was far more in my favor. My attorney’s work ethic is unparalleled and her experience and reputation in this space is invaluable." ~ C-Suite, Investment Firm “In a corporate merger/change in control, my attorney’s guidance not only ensured that I received fair and well-defined treatment, but her knowledge, expertise and communication skills also gave me comfort and peace of mind.” ~ President, Large Bank-Owned Multi-Billion Dollar Finance Company "Great experts. I can sincerely recommend Feis Goldy for all employment related cases." ~ Director

“Generally, when you are in need of an employment attorney it is stressful as it means something went wrong with your employer. Working with the Feis Goldy team helped minimize my stress, helped me focus on what a successful outcome could look like, then they successfully executed a plan to achieve that outcome. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of an employment attorney.”

“Facing a particularly stressful and time challenged executive compensation contract dispute, Feis Goldy came highly recommended. They offered great technical depth, wise counsel and negotiating prowess that propelled us to a successful resolution.”

“Consummate employee advocate and personal advisor providing exemplary guidance and support throughout the entire process. Very detailed, skilled, and thoughtful in her approach to ensure all aspects were considered to yield the best outcome… I couldn’t be happier with the results, professionalism, and great service received, thank you!!”

"I can’t sing their praises enough - I went through such a difficult time feeling so supported and couldn’t be happier with the outcome." ~ Event & Public Assembly Venue Professional "My attorney’s reputation precedes her and definitely added power to my case. Her legal team was thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate during a difficult time. Choosing Feis Goldy was one of the best decisions of my life." ~ Physician I received the best possible representation and would definitely recommend Feis Goldy to anyone in need of legal services." ~ Customer Service Representative

"A strong, confident, fearless advocate." ~ CEO “A unique blend of experience, knowledge, and toughness, combined with a very human approach to provide exceptional guidance and an outstanding outcome.” ~ Executive Vice President, Sales “Brings the right balance of caring and competency that lifts the client experience in a truly professional way.” ~ Regional Vice President "My attorney pulled my feet out of the fire. She was a calming and sober influence. She was invaluable." ~ Partner, Private Equity Firm "Retaining Feis Goldy was the best decision I made during a very difficult employment situation." ~ Physician

“To be successful in business, you have to have the right kind of advisors surrounding you.  There is no doubt in my mind that [she] is one of those key advisors I will lean on throughout my career. She is to the point, clear in her advice and last but not least, smart in her approach to a deal. I could not have worked through my situation without her.”

“Following one of the most painfully challenging times in my professional career, [she] has effectively navigated me through a lengthy legal process in holding my former employer accountable while protecting my best interest. In making a difficult decision to pursue legal action against a major corporation, I found the combination of [her] expert counsel and genuine emotional support to be invaluable to me.”

“I would rather have [her] on my side than the lawyers who represented my big employer. I would take her vs. Goliath. I tell my friends and family that I thank God for her because she has been an immense help to me.”

”I called at a crisis point and rapidly had both the strategic guidance and legal foundation to drive a truly constructive result. You can bet I worked with them at the front-end of the next deal.” ~ Chief Marketing Officer “Strong, sophisticated, knowledgeable and experienced — I couldn’t have asked for a more ideal partner in my negotiations.” ~ Managing Director “I could not have imagined a better outcome." ~ Executive Assistant

“Provided an exceptional level of expertise, negotiating skill and responsiveness throughout my dispute with a prior employer. Her extensive knowledge, diligence and capabilities enabled me to obtain an optimal benefit in an extremely challenging situation. Well versed in dealing with large corporations and their related complexities.”

“An outstanding attorney who has tremendous technical skills and provides excellent counsel and support during tough employment situations. For me, the outcome was a terrific agreement. I would highly recommend her for any employment situation.”

“She represented my interests with great professionalism. Her efforts on my behalf were exactly what was needed to resolve a multi-layered issue – using a smart, deliberate strategy. [Her] experience and calm approach were invaluable to me, and I could not have been happier with the outcome. A superb lawyer!!!”

"There are experiences that many of us face in the professional world that leave us feeling at best unprepared, and at worst isolated. During my experience like this, I was grateful for the wise counsel, seasoned support, and unflinching advocacy of the Feis Goldy team. My attorney’s years of experience serving corporations and individuals are clearly beneficial to her clients today- she was kind and direct, understood how to incorporate the pain of the victim and the limits of the law, and indulges the impossible requests, but fights for the best possible resolution. While none of her clients hope to face the challenges that would lead them to work with her multiple times, you should rest assured that all of them definitely would never want to face them again without Feis Goldy by their side." ~ Senior Vice-President, Fortune 500 Employer